The Westview program is based upon structured family living using proven programs and ethical principles tested in decades of experience of helping young men grow into solid citizens.. 

At Westview, we teach boys responsibility and life skills.   By learning how to behave ethically and exercise emotional intelligence, young men learn how to have healthy relationships with appropriate boundaries.  To learn more about the behavioral management practices at Westview, see the Behavioral section.

While at Westview, each young man receives appropriate counseling services.  These services include counseling, evaluation using appropriate psychological tests, and referral to additional assistance if required.  To learn more, see Counseling.

The Hollis Public Schools provide classroom education and the opportunity for extracurricular activities (band, drama, speech, and sports) for all of our residents.  To learn more about these activities, go to the Educational page.

A sound mind is connected to a sound body.  As a consequence, Westview works with qualified professionals to provide appropriate medical, dental, and optometric services as listed under Health and Nutrition.

Since Westview is a ranch setting, the boys may participate in 4-H and FFA activities.  Each boy who qualifies receives an animal to raise, groom, feed, and train for local, county, district, and state shows.  A boy who does well may earn prize and premium money, as well as numerous ribbons and awards.  These programs are described on the Livestock program page.

Social and recreational activities iinclude horseback riding, baseball, bike riding, camping, football, basketball, hunting, fishing, hiking, and many other outdoor and indoor activities.  See the Social Program page for more description.

The Spiritual is the core reason that the staff serves the boys at Westview.  Consequently, we make spiritual opporunities a part of our young men's lives.  Devotional services are conducted at church with additional fellowships at the cottage level.  Young men are encouraged to assist in directing songs, leading prayers, and scripture readings. 

Work is a part of life at Westview Boys' Home. Each boy must clean his room, make his bed, take laundry to the laundry room, and carry out his trash.  Houseparents also assign each boy a house chore and help each young man to learn to help prepare breakfast, clean the kitchen, wash dishes, mop floors, clean bathrooms, or carry out the trash before school time.  In addition, young men have the opportunity to earn money through on campus work programs, or with local businesses off campus once they are old enough and well-advanced in the levels program.   Through work, young men learn the value of honest labor and begin to take pride in their own accomplishments.

Rolling out a round bale

Since 1956, Westview has been of service to thousands of boys.  Many have gone on to become ministers, doctors, school teachers, lawyers, farmers, and business men.  Through our carefully designed programs, each boy at Westview is given an opportunity and chance for a better life.  Looking back later in life, these young men find their Westview experiences to be formative and life changing.

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