Cattle provide big lessons

Raising livestock has provided many life lessons for the young men at Westview Boys' Home that are helping them mature into honorable men, ready to take part in the world outside Hollis. | Learn More

Westview boys learn with livestock

Several Westview Boys Home students raise projects for local livestock shows through the HHS FFA and Harmon County 4-H programs. Some also show cattle, a tradition that dates back at least to the 1970s. Many of these young men come from urban environments, far removed from small rural communities like Hollis. | Learn More

Visiting history in Mississippi …

As young men look to the future, they begin to imagine an adult career; many tell us that they have an interest in serving in the military. To help our young men root their thinking in history, Westview is preparing for a summer trip to the Civil War battleground at Vicksburg, Mississippi. | Learn More

Ask and you will receive …

At Westview, we're careful about the requests we put forward because we truly want to be the best stewards of God’s blessings that we can be. So last year when we asked for help connecting to the county water system, we knew that any help we might get was desperately needed and would be greatly appreciated. | Learn More

There’s more joy in being the helper …

There is a fundamental fact that the young men at Westview have come to understand: there is so much more joy in being the helper than being the one who gets help. | Learn More

Exploring history . . . and having fun!

Every year at fall break the Westview team takes the boys on a fun trip to give them time and experience in the broader world. This year we decided to connect their fun with an experience of history. | Learn More

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